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About us
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We all know what we all want... A sweet smelling, warm-bodied and willing... Erotic game for your mobile phone! Well check out these beauties, guaranteed to get you in that state you definitely want to be in:
Victoria Black Jack Victoria Black Jack
Black Jack Victoria is an erotic version for Black Jack, the famous casino game. Try to win Victoria's clothes and see her naked. Be careful, you might lose some of your clothes.
Sexy Mah-Jong
Sexy Mah-Jong, imperial beauty. Can you cope with this classic game of imperial wisdom full of enigmas, but be careful there are some gorgeous oriental beauties waiting to distract your attention.

Demonstrate your wisdom like the great emperor that you are and discover those girls waiting for you behind the pyramids of stones. A fantastic game, 100% addictive, where the player will have to face the stopwatch or solve the challenge in their own time in order to enjoy those gorgeous oriental beauties that are only reserved for the Grand Emperor.
Sexy Mah-Jong
College Girls College Girls
You have met a College girl and she is pretty good to make love to her. But your sexual knowledge is not good for her so she suggested you to get more experience in the girl's college hostel. Only then she will be your lover.

All the game takes place in the girl's hostel. While playing you meet with different girls trying for you to become their lover and to find more about sexual relations. If relations with girls are good they can teach you something new in the sphere of sex. There are several stages of relations with the girls and you have different ways to improve these relations.

If you have learned something new during the day, your College girl allows you to enter her room and to show her your experience. If you have learned nothing, your College girl will not allow you to enter her room and in this case you loose control over yourself.
The real book of love. Now on your mobile. This fantastic mobile phone application reveals all the secrets of the most famous erotic book in the world. A universe of pleasure direct to your mobile.

Kamasutra Gold edition contains all the Kamasutra postures which are recreated with illustrations of each posture and detailed descriptions which explain to perfection the way to complete ecstasy and total pleasure.

Kamasutra Gold edition: Eroticism and wisdom, together in one application that users will be able to carry with them always.
Strippoker - Bikini Strippoker - Bikini
Do you like hazard, casinos and cards? Play one of the most popular version of TEXAS HOLD'EM in the game 'Poker hold'em Master'. Show to your opponents that you are the best and accumulate their chips.

There is just one winner- the one who will win Master Tournament. Before playing in the tournament you have to win the qualification- your opponents will make it hard.
Our Adult Games section further includes Strippoker - Hard, Night Club 69, Sperm Bomb - Sexy Girls, Spice Tris, Muvroxxx - Nude, Beach Pleasures, Stack Me - Sexy Olivia, Pinball Classic, Muvroxxx - Bikini, Xbubblez - Nude, Solitaire XXX, Make A Cuty Undressed, Pinball Erotic, Maxi Strip Poker, Strippoker - Soft, 69Balls - Bikini, Stack Me - Sweet Olivia, Xbubblez - Bikini, Sperm Bomb - Beach Dolls, Sperm Bomb - Beach Chicks, 69Balls - Cute Girls, Soft Erotic Calendar, Football Chix, Erotic Calendar, KiXXy, Victoria Poker, Clox Angela, Dru Berrymore in Sexy Maze, Nicolette in Snake, and TJ Hart in Snake.

700 games for your mobile telephone, no subscription
step 1 First, look for your mobile phone in our extensive phone menu. After you select your phone type, you will be able to view the games that are suitable to run on your telephone. Click on the game screenshot to view details about the game, and click on the "Buy Now!" link in the lower right side to start the ordering process.
step 2 Select your country, your preferred payment method, and your gsm specifics in the window, and pay for the game you chose. At the end of the payment process you will find an individual code. Write that code down and keep it safe.
step 3 Use your mobile telephone to go to www.mmwap.com, and enter your code. You can download the game directly to your cellphone from there.
In our "Helpdesk" section, we provide you with very detailed information on what you should do if you experience any difficulty ordering or downloading your game. When you pay for a game you will receive that game, we guarantee it 100 percent! Enjoy!

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